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The iSolutions’ collections feature is a powerful tool for any business owner who is tired of taking time out of their busy day to send notices for upcoming and past due invoices. This tool allows for automated collections notifications to be sent out and can be assigned to any or all customers with the click of a button. Here’s how to do it:

First, you want to go to the “Custom Report Layouts” page in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and scroll down to Report ID 70436526 “iPay – Collection Notice.”

From here, you can click the 3 dots (ellipsis) to select the report column. Then, click the ellipsis at the top to select actions > Export Layout. You can then update the template and save it to your computer.

Next, you want to make a copy of the current report line item. To do this, you want to select “Process” and then click “Copy.” This will duplicate the “iPay – Collection Notice” onto another line.

Change the text under “description” so you know which template you have saved. We would recommend naming it the corresponding amount of days. For example, “31-90 Bucket.” Click here to learn how to customize your template. You are now ready to import the template you just saved to your computer. Once you select the line item that needs to be updated, click “Layout” followed by “Import Layout.” Repeat this entire process as many times as needed in order to fit each bucket of your collection plan.

After you have all your templates created, go to the “Collections Plan” page on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and create your buckets. You then want to assign each of them the templates you just created. To do so, start off by selecting “Templates” and then click “New.”

From this page, you can name your template (only you will see this). Under email, this is where you will provide the “from” email – the email your automated collections notice will be sent from. Be sure to also fill in the “Email Subject Line.” Then, click the blank space next to “Email Body Layout Description.”

You then want to select the template that corresponds with your bucket and click OK. Repeat this process for each template you have created.

Finally, you are ready to assign the template to the bucket. Go back to your “Collections Plan” screen and select the template that corresponds with each bucket. Once you assign each of your buckets a template, your automated collection plan is ready for use! You can set up a job queue using the codeunit 70436541 to run as often as you choose.

For questions, please reach out to Thank you!

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