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Yes, it’s easier said than done!

A lot of planning and strategy goes into creating an attractive and lucrative B2B eCommerce store, from picking the right eCommerce platform to branding to displaying your products. It is a complex journey with multiple hiccups, while you process orders, keep your audience engaged, and enhance your content and customer experience to support inbound marketing. If you are able to smartly pull off the aforementioned activities, you can rest assured that your B2B business will profit from having a better online presence.

You must be wondering, what are the odds that if you invest your time and money in a B2B eCommerce store, it will pay off?

The answer to your question lies in the following B2B brands success stories that have used eCommerce to grow their businesses exponentially:

⦁ Rubik’s – 150% increase in revenue with Magento Commerce

Rubik’s Cube needs no introduction as the number one selling puzzle game ever recorded. Like other big players, Rubik’s too decided to take their business online to expand their customer reach and boost their revenue.
According to Fabrice Druelle, Rubik’s eCommerce and Digital Marketing Director, the B2B company needed a scalable eCommerce solution that would allow them to expand its business overseas, with a high level of flexibility.

Magento Commerce 2 enabled Rubik’s to launch in a short period of four months. Their customer experience picked up from a pure catalog-based online store to an enriched experience showcasing rich content, state-of-the-art features, and simple, seamless checkout. Rubik’s witnessed a significant rise in Average Order Value from $15.30 to $21.67 and their conversion rate doubled. The B2B company’s (UK) revenue increased by 150% in the first 6 months with over 500% revenue increase (YoY) in France.

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