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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Collections Management System

We help you easily manage your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central payments by providing a collections management solution.

Manage Your Payment Collections

Let’s talk about payment collections. Payment collections are what help you to receive client payments and continue generating and boosting your profit margins. And, the more efficient the systems are that you use for collections, the higher your profit margin will be.

That’s where our team comes in. We’ve created a collections management system that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and helps you to cut back on collection times, improve your cash flow, and eliminate bad debt. With our collections management system, we help you automate your processes so that less of your time is spent on the back end of your systems and more time is spent boosting your cash flow.

It’s time to dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend collecting customer payments and start improving your company’s performance activities. Reach out to our team and we’ll get you started with superior collections management software that works for your team.

Boost Your Overall ROI In No Time At All

Imagine if you found a collections solution that enabled you to boost your profit and cut down on your accounts receivable by as much as 30% in as little as 30 days? Think of how much more efficient your company would be if you could do that!

With our team, we help you to do just that. How? We give you the tools you need to track your collections efficiency using daily outstanding sales. We get your Days Sales Outstanding to become lower than ever, letting you grow your ROI in just a few short weeks.

Improve Every Aspect Of Collections Management

We don’t just hone in on one area of collections management and call it a day. Instead, we support you through every aspect of collections management, such as:

  • Customer-specific workflow automation
  • Centralizing accounts receivable and customer contact details
  • Targeting your customers based on specific demographics
  • Tracking customer interactions
  • Setting up reminders and follow-ups
  • Highlighting your invoices for payment

With all these capabilities, you’re able to streamline and improve your collections management systems. That means that you get paid faster and you improve your overall profits. Our collections management software is custom-tailored to your business so that you can improve your processes.

We’ll assist you with automation and customer targeting, providing you outstanding benefits that keep you on track with your payments. How? By providing you with:

  • Adding and creating collection queries that allow you to target specific customers
  • A single platform where you can manage every aspect of your collections
  • The ability to email invoices, statements, and letters to your customers
  • Custom queries and targeting based on overdue payments, account aging, bad debt, and more
  • The ability to download, attach, and email statements and documents as both PDF and office docs.

We keep your payment collections process moving along smoothly by assisting with every part of collections management.

Generate Better Payments With Superior Collections Management

Reach out to our team to learn about how we can improve your collections management process. We can’t wait to get you started.

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