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There has been a 55% increase in the number of eCommerce shoppers worldwide reaching about 2.05 billion this year up from 1.32 billion in 2014.

Businesses have been quick to respond to this change in behavior, transitioning to eCommerce platforms with more and more businesses flourishing in the online market.

While businesses have found great success in the eCommerce space, new issues have arisen that restrict e-stores from running smoothly. It is commonly a result of inefficient data management systems, which leads to negative customer experiences like order cancellations from oversold inventory.

Inconsistency and discrepancy in data records have the potential for catastrophic results like negative customer reviews and damage to a brand’s reputation. The key to a successful eCommerce store is prioritizing two key aspects:

  • Customer experience 
  • Operational efficiency 

Magento addresses these needs in the most seamless and convenient way possible. The eCommerce sellers who use Magento have witnessed many benefits due to the open-source nature of the product making it arguably the leading platform for an eCommerce store.

Its holistic approach is sure to take your e-store up a notch in terms of functional efficiency as well as customer experience. 

Here are some of the benefits of integrating Dynamics 365 Business Central with a Magento store:

Functional Efficiency

Proper data management is the key to a successful e-store and Magento helps achieve that seamless operational efficiency.

  • The platform is designed such that users with little or no technical knowledge can use it comfortably without hassle. It is robust in terms of flexibility. It is simple to install and has various plugins to extend the functionality of the store.
  • Magento supports e-stores from start-ups to enterprises.  It can easily be scaled up as the business grows.
  • Bidirectional synchronization of data increases transparency, as data is made available to all teams across the organization.
  • Entering data manually can be slow, time-consuming, and error-prone. Magento automates this process while checking for consistency.
  • Integration makes sure that all data is stored securely in databases, it is updated in real-time so that the most updated data can be accessed and sent to different teams as and when required.
  • There is no need to make duplicate entries as the integration with Magento ensures information is transferred from the e-store to the ERP. For instance, orders and returns are all fulfilled automatically without any human intervention.
  • Consistency is no longer an issue as database records immediately reflect any changes in stock level and suggest cancellations, which ensure no sales occur beyond the inventory levels.

Dynamics 365 Business Central – Magento integration helps deliver great shopping experiences that lead to an increase in traffic to the store and increase revenue.

  • Customer Experience 

Customers are the most important part of any eCommerce store. The ease that a click of a button provides has increased the affinity of millions of people towards the idea of shopping from the comfort of their home or workspace without stepping out. Customers can either make or break the reputation of an e-store. A happy customer spreads positive reviews about your website, while a disappointed customer is likely to dissuade other potential buyers. That is why customer experience and customer satisfaction are extremely important. With Magento integration, e-stores can increase the overall customer experience in the following ways:

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